Get Your Epic Beast Pics

Raise even more for GNAAS and impress your mates!

Every Year our intrepid team of photographers spend the weekend capturing awesome pics of you riders in all of your  beastly glory.

They do this for free and every year make a truly humbling contribution to the grand total. 

Check out the Roots and Rain website for your only source of official Beast photos.

You get a great set of pics to remember your day, impress your facebook friends or to keep the kids away from the fireplace, and all profit from the sale goes to the Great North Air Ambulance.

Its a no lose situation!

The Beast returns to it's roots for 2018. 

2018 promises a return to roots (routes?) with guaranteed more smiles to miles. Whether youre an XC warrior or an enduro shredder there will be something here to make you smile.  Along with our usual 20 and 40 mile options, the bravest amongst you can now tackle the 66.6 mile SUPER BEAST!

Sunday 13th May Ride
Sat 12th May Camping/Entertainment

The Hamsterley Beast has grown a lot since the first tentative event was spawned, as legend would have it, from a perfect storm of mountain biker camaraderie, self-belief, community spirit, and a bit too much alcohol.
Now four years on, we ready ourselves for what has become one of the main events on both the charity and Northern MTB calendars.  

The incredible growth of The Hamsterley Beast has genuinely astonished professionals in the mtb and charity communities alike. with people travelling from all over the country (and further) to take part and a massive amount of money raised to support GNAAS. 

We tend not to think about it, we just keep on rolling, but that perfect storm is still raging.
Throw in a tireless DIY ethic, a core group of organisers with a genuine desire to keep working towards what will be the ultimate North-Eastern MTB weekender, and the help of so many dedicated, selfless gluttons for punishment and you have a recipe for something that is only going to get better and better.

Thank you all for your support so far. If you did not turn up to ride, collect sponsor monies, and get involved, we would not be here today talking about Beast 4. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.
If this is your first time... you're gonna have a great one. Welcome to the Clan!

 If you are new to the Beast , we are a mountain biking weekender event set in and around one of the country's best trail centres, Hamsterley Forest. The event is non profit with money raised going to support the Great North air Ambulance Service.
This year's ride comes in three options:
      20 mile Half Beast
      40 mile Full Beast
      66.6 mile Super Beast

The Beast is a challenge ride and it is difficult (its not called the hamsterley teddy bears picnic), but there is a great atmosphere and you are surrounded by friends.

Camping is also highly recommended for the chilled vibe, live music and food as well as the chance to socialise with fellow riders. Great friendships have been made in them thar fields! This year we have more food options, licensed bars and even more music with amazing "glamping" options for the divas amongst you. Its not one to miss.

Have a look around the site and check us out on the social media if thats your thing. If theres anything else you need to know get in touch via the contact  page.